Spongeless Version
The MIS Spongeless Empty C84, C86, C88, R200, R220, R300, R340, R800, R1800, R2400 carts have just one small piece of sponge to restrict incoming air. Air must pass through this small piece of sponge to reach the ink chamber (see red line). Air from the vent hole on the top enters the ink chamber at the very bottom of the cart, so that no ink pressure is seen by the print head. This spongeless design is less prone to developing ink foam. Performance from this cartridge is equivalent to our earlier half-sponge cart. Both can be easily refilled, but the original Epson can not. Original Epson carts have a diaphragm design and can not be refilled using this method.

1 1/2 Needle

MIS Spongeless Cartridge for Epson
C84, C86, C88, R200, R220, R300, R340, R800, R1800, R2400 Cartridge

Bottom Fill Adapter

Refill Procedure

  1. Remove the safety cap from the end of syringe and install a 1 1/2 " long needle. It is a twist lock connection. Load the syringe with 12 ml of ink. Make sure it is the right color or shade for the cartridge you are working on.

  2. There is a hole in the top of the cartridge for refilling. Carefully remove the fill plug and add ink, using the syringe, until the reservoir is almost full. It should take 12 to 13 ml of ink. Leave about 1/8 inch of air at the top of the cartridge.

  3. Next, remove the needle from the end of syringe and attach the bottom fill adapter (MIS-BADPT). Draw out 1 cc of ink from the exit port to remove any trapped air. If you wet the bottom fill adapter it will go into the exit port seal easier. if the cartridge is brand new, you can pre-puncture the clear film over the exit port seal if you wish, but do not remove this clear material. It holds the exit port seal in place.

  4. When you draw ink out, make sure the plug in the reservoir is not installed yet. If the pull tab has been removed from the top, hold your finger over the vent hole to prevent air from entering. Do not cover the fill hole.

  5. Insert the Bottom Fill Adapter into the exit port seal, and draw out 1 cc of ink. This will pull ink from the cartridge. The cartridge is now primed. Be careful not to spill any ink out of the open fill hole.

  6. Install the fill plug in the top of the cartridge. It must seal absolutely AIR TIGHT. If plug is damaged, get a new one. Be sure to remove the pull tab covering the vent hole. Some carts come with foil, some have a bright color (yellow) plastic tab. The vent hole on top of the cartridge must be open or the cartridge will not work.

  7. Install a chip on the cart and give it a try. If the chip is not new, reset with the SK168 Resetter. Replacement chips are available if you need them. Chips are color position sensitive, don't mix up.

CAUTION.. If you put a cart without a chip on it in printer, it will destroy the contacts that read the chip when you remove it. SO DON'T DO THIS. Always check the carts for presence of chip before installing. Make sure the chip is not loose and can not fall off. Use some Dap Fun-Tak or other reuseable adhesive if necessary.

ATTENTION :: You must remove the pull tab on the top of the cartridge to open the vent hole or the cartridge will not work.