Artists on Exhibition - Chelsea North - NYC - Saturday, April 9, 2016

  gallery location artist content
sepiaEYE 547 W 27th St, #608 Qiana Mestrich, Charan Singh, Phyllis Galembo: Dress Up
Emmanuel Fremin Gallery 547 W 27th St, #510 Christophe Pouget:  Crossroads off the World (multiframe panoramas)
¥ Aperture Gallery & Bookstore 547 W 27th St, 4th Fl Doug DuBois:  In Good Time (snapshots)
¥ Miyako Yoshinaga Gallery 547 W 27th St, #204 Hitoshi Fugo:  Flying Frying Pan 1979-1994
Ceres Gallery 547 W 27th St, #201 Jane Stevens: A Moment in Time (infrared trees)
Flomenhaft Gallery 547 W 27th St, #200 Neil Folberg and Builder Levy
David Krut Projects 526 W 26th St, #816 Aida Muluneh:  The World is Nine (Ethiopian artist)
Walther Collection Project Space 526 W 26th St, #708 New Photography from Africa: Close to Home
¥ Rick Wester Fine Art 526 W 26th St, #417 Eric Pickersgill:  Removed
Sgorbati Projects 525-531 W 26th St
¥ Robert Mann Gallery 525 W 26th St Elisabeth Hase:  An Independent Vision (1940's)
¥ Robert Miller Gallery 524 W 26th St Patti Smith: Eighteen Stations
¥ Benrubi Gallery 521 W 26th St, 2nd fl Michael Najjar: outer space
Ryan Lee 515 W 26th St
¥ Steven Kasher Gallery 515 W 26th St, 2nd fl Brian Griffin: Capitalist Realism Meryl Meisler: exuberance of the 1970s, pop-psychology 
¥ Fergus McCaffrey 514 W 26th St
Claire Oliver Gallery 513 W 26th St  Laetitia Soulier:  Fractal Architectures
Daniel Cooney Fine Art 508 W 26th St, Ste 9C Arlene Gottfried:  Bacalaitos & Fireworks (street portraits)
¥ Yossi Milo Gallery 245 10th Ave, @ 25th St Chris McCaw:  Direct Positive
ClampArt 521 W 25th St Henry Horenstein: Histories Jan Rattia: Tease
¥ Pace Gallery 534 W 25th St closed
Praxis New York 541 W 25th St Lucia Fainzilber:  Wild Flowers
Flag Art Foundation 545 W 25th St
Marlborough Chelsea 545 W 25th St Mark Hagem: The Big Hole, (titanium scupture anodized with Diet Coke(
¥ Cheim & Read 547 W 25th St Serge Poliakoff: (paintings 1950's) ~
Dillon Gallery 555 W 25th St
¥ Stricoff Gallery 564 W 25th St assorted artists always coolÉ
¥ Senior & Shopmaker Gallery 210 11th Ave, @ 25th, #804
¥ Bruce Silverstein Gallery 535 W 24th St Rosalind Fox Solomon:  Got to Go (1970's documentation lookingÉ)
¥ Andrea Meislin Gallery 534 W 24th St Blank Verse exploring the role of the poetic gesture in a time of visual super-habit
¥ Matthew Marks Gallery (24th) 523 W 24th St  Ellsworth Kelly:  Photographs
Metro Pictures 519 W 24th St
Gladstone Gallery 515 W 24th St  T.J. Wilcox: Equivalents (screen installation)
Asya Geisberg Gallery 537b W 23rd St 
The Curator Gallery 520 W 23rd St
¥ Julie Saul Gallery 535 W 22nd St, 6th fl Sarah Anne Johnson:  Field Trip (painted chromogenic prints)
¥ Leslie Tonkonow Artworks + Projects 535 W 22nd St Laurel Nakadate, IC-98, Dean Byington: Land/Sky: Temporal Concepts
Matthew Marks Gallery (526) 526 W 22nd St Luigi Ghirri:  The Impossible Landscape (Italian landscape 1970-89)
¥ Yancey Richardson 525 W 22nd St  Sharon Core:  Understory (artificially lit plants (night?))
Klein Sun Gallery 525 W 22nd St Ren Hang:  Athens Love
Danziger Gallery 521 W 23rd St    
¥ Paula Cooper Gallery (534) 534 W 21st St Charles Gaines: large tri-panel trees
Tina Kim Gallery 521 W 21st St
Ricco Maresca 529 W 20th St
Flowers 529 W 20th St, 3rd floor Nadav Kander:  Dust
¥ David Zwirner 525 W 19th St Thomas Ruff:  press++