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VS Hybrid 3863 : Syllabus_Fall 14

* VS Hybrid Photo Class Schedule - Fall 2014 *

Equipment List : Hybrid

'Best of Hybrid' overview [slides]

Departure Point; Self-Evaluation after Preview Crit
Critique Decorum



Pigment Transfer Recipe; materials, prepare the photograph, prepare the receiver, print the print, transfer the print, finishing, options
Gel Medium Transfer Recipe; materials, prepare the photograph, prepare the receiver, transfer the print,
seal the transfer print, other options
Papers for Alternative Processes; paper, surface, weight, color, manufacture, resources


Digital Negatives for Hand Applied Emiulsion - video tutorial [2:59]
Digital Negatives – Visual Guide
; create a greyscale image, flip horizontal, invert tonality, colorize, apply a curve, print to transparency film
Digital Negatives [pdf]
Test Prints; ole_grey.tif, step50.tif, 4-up inDesign template


Greyscale Conversion – Visual Guide; preview, splitting channels, combining channels, channel strategy, layer strategy, results
Greyscale Conversion
[pdf]; basic greyscale conversion, channels, channel mixer, previewing channels, splitting channels, combining channels, copying layers, basic workflow

Silver Print Toning Examples; Toners: sepia, selenium, bleach, combinations, emulsions: silver, cyanotype, van dyke brown, combinations, albumen prints, argyrotypes, carbon prints, chrysotype, platinum & palladium, salt prints, satista process, ziatype
Silver Print Toning Examples


Aesthetic Tests – Visual Guide; nanchante prints: Cyanotype, Van Dyk Brown, Tea Toned Cyanotype, Blue Van Dyke
Aesthetic Tests – Fill Layer Strategy; nanchante prints: Cyanotype, Van Dyk Brown, Tea Toned Cyanotype, Blue Van Dyke
Aesthetic Tests [pdf]


Making Cyanotypes; essential materials, coating the receiver material, storing coated unexposed sheets, using the exposure box, exposure, sink setup, developer/ wash, intensifier for contrast control, oxidizer for final tonality, final wash, drying, clean-up procedure [pdf]
Cyanotype Shopping List; Cyanotype Sensitizer, Transparency Film, Printmaking Paper, Foam Brush [pdf]
Print Frame & Home Cyanotypes; commercial contact print frames, constructing a printing frame; design, materials & construction, using a printing frame, print examination, making cyanotypes at home [pdf]
New Cyanotype Instructions (from Photographer's Formulary); mixing the stock solution, the negative, a word on paper, clearing agent, sensitizing the paper
Traditional Cyanotype Instructions (from Photographers' Formulary); chemicals in this kit, chemical saftey, mixing the stock solution, washing, new ideas, toning solutions
Cyanotype Toning; theory, materials, practice, basic recipes, tea toning, multi-step recipes, alternate chemicals, alternate strategies, resources, vendors, MSDS information [pdf]
Example Tritone Presets; tea toned cyanotype, blue van dyke


Van Dyke Brown Instructions (from Photographer's Formulary); mixing the stock solution, paper, the negative, sensitizing the paper, exposure, contrast increase, final steps
Van Dyke Additions; papers, mixing, coating, exposing, processing, contrast control, toning, fixing

Alternative Processes : example prints
Hybrid Examples : example pieces


AfterEffects Crossfade Anim, AfterEffects Crossfade Anim - Quick Guide,
Flash Crossfade Anim
, Webbing the Anim
Dynamic Photography
: example pieces
Dynamic Photo Sample HTML Pages : Horizontal, Vertical


Instant Film Transfers & Lifts; Overview, Source Images, Workflows
Instant Film Transfer Recipe; Image Transfers - Materials, Equipment, The Process, Options
Instant Film Emulsion Lifts Recipe; Emulsion Lifts - Materials, Equipment, The Process
Instant Film Source Images; 35mm film, Meduim Format Film, Digital Transparencies, Digital Prints
DayLab instructions; Loading the Film Pack, Film Type Selector, Timer Button, Exposure Dial, Contrast Control, Color Control, Viewing a Print, Making a Print, Processing the Print
Instant Film Emulsion Lifts : example prints

Daylab 120 User's Guide (from the Manufacturer)
MultiNegs for Daylab 120; Prepare the Page File, Place the Picture on the Page, Fit the Pictrue to the Box, Repeat for all Other Pictures, Print onto Transparency Film, Cut the Negs Apart
MultiNeg Template for InDesign


Liquid Light Instructions (from Rockland); surface preparation, coating & exposing, processing, cleanup


Book Examples; from Japan exhibition
Hybrid Book Examples; from Christorher James's book
Japanese Bookbinding Technique; step by step recipe
Introduction to Japanese Bookbinding; overview and examples


Web Picture Preparation; preset settings, image sizes, saving
Connect to the ART FOLDER S; connecting, disconnecting
Hybrid Web Guidelines; file naming, file sizes, preparing special thumbanils, including material lists, etc.
Scanning (Epson 2450), POW Picture Scaling, Borrowing Web Pix

* Hybrid POW sample HTML page *

Hybrid BOOK sample HTML page
Hybrid Long-Scrolling sample HTML page


Presentation Book for Advanced Photo
including Final Reviews, Matting, and Slides
Hybrid Final Portfolio
Digital Portfolio; resizing to 1920 square
Digital Portfolio 1920- Video [1:57]
Digital Portfolio with Actions- Video [4:45] for the more technically adventurous
Digital Portfolio with Actions- Overview Recipe


Panorama Cameras
Pinhole Cameras